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* 本站声明 本站所展示的品牌商标为商标持有人享有最终解释权和正当合法权益。持有人注册商标中含有的商品的通用名称、图形LOGO、型号,或者直接表示商品的质量、主要原料、功能、用途、重量、数量及其他特点 均是真实的、有效的翻译,出于善意对产品进行 说明使用达到准确的描述,同时不混淆相关来源。出于对商标持有人的尊重与明确的法律法规要求,如商标持有人对本站出现的信息提出疑问和任何反馈,请直接与我们工作人员联系。我们承诺将第一时间进行有效处理,请通过邮件 advise@lubpur.com 联系我们。













Updated on: May 16, 2023

Lubpur website( https://www.lubpur.com/ )It is a platform for lubpur Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to independently develop and operate lubpur special lubricant search and consulting services to make chemical procurement more efficient (hereinafter referred to as "lubpur").

In order to introduce and display the industry product information, the market supplier data of six major products in the [industrial chemicals] industry [special lubricants, coating solid lubrication, adhesives, lubrication equipment, special chemical materials, accessories, tools and consumables] are collected and sorted out.(including but not limited to supplier name, brand, logo, product model, pictures, videos, documents, etc.) For lubpur super run registered / non registered users to browse, understand and retrieve relevant information of suppliers and brands in domestic and foreign markets.

Any information displayed on lubpur website platform is only for the majority of users to quickly and systematically understand the brand profile information of each supplier and its product model, document TDS, video file, etc. Unless otherwise specified, it does not mean that lubpur has any relationship with the brand party.

The information on lubpur website platform comes from the official websites of suppliers and brands and the external information publicly displayed through other legal channels. It is only used to provide users with documents, views and other information for reference. It may be affected by the delay of information synchronization, and does not guarantee the absolute accuracy of documents, views and other information. Please be aware of it.

Each brand embodies the hard work and effort of the brand owner. Lubpur firmly believes that the legitimate rights and interests of intellectual property owners should be respected and protected in accordance with the law. Respecting brand originality and protecting intellectual property rights are the foundation of Lubpur development. Lubpur firmly opposes any behavior that violates the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China on intellectual property rights

*This website declares that the brand trademarks displayed on this website are the final interpretation rights and legitimate rights and interests of the trademark holders. The common name, graphic logo, model number of the goods contained in the registered trademark of the holder, or the direct representation of the quality, main raw materials, function, use, weight, quantity, and other characteristics of the goods, are all true and effective translations. The use of the product is explained in good faith to achieve accurate description, while not confusing relevant sources. Due to respect for trademark holders and clear legal requirements, if trademark holders have any questions or feedback regarding the information presented on this website, please contact our staff directly. We promise to handle it effectively as soon as possible, please send it via email advise@lubpur.com Contact us

Lubpur looks forward to cooperating with your company to jointly develop and maintain the Chinese industrial chemical market

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